Lohas ZN024 E27 5W A21 Smart RGB+WW-lampa

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Compatible: Tuya Smart / Smart life App (Wifi)

Smartphone-controlled daytime and night time lamp, dimmable, multi-colored, color-changing LED lamp

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Tuya Ecosystem description features:

You do not have to remember to turn off the bulb before going to bed. The sleep timer automatically turns off the light after the preset time has expired for your settings. You can also set a wake-up time with your favorite color.

Voice control and remote control
The smart bulb works with Amazon Alexa. It can help you save time and make your life a little more comfortable through voice control. The light works with your existing WiFi router or mobile phone set as the wifi hotspot. You can control your light bulb, no matter where you are. You can turn it on or off without leaving your bed.

All rainbow colors The color
temperature of the light is from 1600k to 9000k. More than 16 million colors for you to choose and all are dimmable. You can easily set the color to suit your mood with adjustable brightness. Lighten the room or create a relaxing environment by dampening the light.

Group control
You can create groups in the app to manage two or more light sources. Synchronizing switches, color changes, scene selection and timer all of this will be realized by creating a smart lamp group in the app.

There are 8 scene modes that meet your needs
Soft, Night, Reading, Leisure, Party, Rainbow, Shine, Gorgeous.


Type: Multicolored WIFI Smart LED Bulb
Package: 1 Piece (Dimmable)
CRI:> 80Ra (vivid and natural light)
Color: Multicolored
Luminous Intensity: 450LM
Material: Aluminum & PC (good heat dissipation)
IP: IP20 (Indoor use only)
Shape: A21 Shape
Beam Angle: 240 Degree
Base: E27
Wattage: 5 Watt
LED Working Temperature: -25 degree – +45 degree
Life span: 30,000 hours (Over 16 years with 5 hours / day)
Attention: only dimmable through app, not through dimmer



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