SavEnergy smart IR sändare/kontroll

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Kompabilitet: Tuya smart/Smartlife app, WiFi

Replace or compliment your normal remote control with this smart WiFi IR-transmitter.
Simple way to control your Air conditioner & TV.
Remote turn on your Air conditioner before you back home then make your home comfortable.
Sleep mode scene : set up air condition status according your sleep habits.
Real time control, intelligent triggers.

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Smart WiFi dimmer JMH-302


  • power input: 5V DC 1A (Mirco USB)
  • protocol: 2.4g IEEE802.11g/b/n
  • Infrared frequency: 38-56Khz
  • IOS7.0/Android 4.0 above
  • Hardware platfrom: HF-LPB120
  • RAM: 192KB
  • Flash: 2MB
  • Infrared encoder and decoder chip: Support infrared learning. Broadband output.
  • Infrared emission: Front angle: 360 degree omni-directiona coverage
  • Infrared transmitting distance: not less than 10M
  • Infrared carrier frequency: support for broadband output
  • Reset Key: long press 5S device to restore the factory setting, into the WiFi configuration mode
  • Yellow flash: long wait for network
  • Blue light long flash: connection network
  • Blue light: network equipment, standby

Smart WiFi IR transmitterSmart WiFi IR transmitterSmart WiFi IR transmitterSmart WiFi IR transmitter


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